Anti-Aging Formula - About Us

Anti-Aging Formula - About Us
Anti-Aging Formula™ focuses on the supplying of Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs, Minerals, Hormones Therapy, and other high quality nutritional and dietary products associated to extending people’s lifespan and reducing or diminishing the effect of aging. We target on the improvement of health by maintaining quality levels of nutrition and physical fitness while seeking body and mind regeneration.

We particularly focus on:

  • cutting-edge information on anti-aging products and techniques promoting to slow and reverse the effect of aging
  • supporting health in the areas of aging, skin, weight loss, body and mind regeneration, stress management, sleep disorder, wellness optimization, and regenerative body processes
  • supporting the expansion people’s lifespan via healthier diets, exercises, and adjustment in lifestyles
  • facilitating nutritional supplements to support detoxification and anti-oxidation, seeking to achieve higher levels of health and longevity
Our manufacturing facilities provides the safest and most effective results of any vitamin manufacturer in the industry; being the leader in dietary supplements and vitamins, and relying on many years of experience in the nutritional supplement industry. All of our products are manufactured - and inspected – in FDA registered facility.

Anti-Aging Formula™ delivers anti-aging and rejuvenation information in a simple and concise way, stripping away the medical jargon. Our articles, blogs and publications, are insights from experts, medical authorities, and ordinary people. We strive to bring the latest breaking news from the scientific community covering anti-aging and the general improvement of health.

Anti-Aging Formula™ is the one-shop-online-store to help you fight against the aging effects, and to help you maintain body and mind in excellent shape. During the process of aging, an organism accumulates damage to its macromolecules, cells, tissues, and organs. Aging is characterized, among other reasons, by deregulated levels of nutrients; mitochondrial dysfunction; altered intercellular communication; and by the degeneration and oxidation damage to cellular contents caused by free radicals1.

With our anti-aging inventory, we support maximum lifespan by reducing the rate of aging damage, and by seeking improvement on deteriorated areas of our body caused by time. We work with latest development on rejuvenation. For instance, following the free-radical theory of aging that suggests that antioxidant supplements – such as vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, lipoic acid, carnosine, and N-acetylcysteine, extend human life1. We seek and foster the development of clinician and scientific research in aging, and will continue bringing you the very latest news and resources related to aging and rejuvenation.
The best approach to fight aging and cell deterioration is by preventing oxidation through the lack of vitamins and nutritional supplements missing in our body. It is obvious that the wisest approach to treat a medical condition is by preventing it. Your chronological age is not your biological age; and you have the power to affect your biological age by maintaining a healthier life. Our anti-aging products are focused on supporting the slowing down of the biological aging process by combating and preventing age-related deterioration. Healthier people are happier, they look younger, and live longer.
The most popular products from our inventory that support anti-aging and a healthier lifestyle, include: amino acids, biotin, garcinia cambogia, melatonin, vitamin D, creatine, vitamin C, HGH, Glucosamine, DHEA, green tea, CoQ10, vitamin E, glutamine, fish oil, omega-3,  carnitine, resveratrol, acai berry, green coffee, raspberry ketone, probiotic, vitamin B, and many other special formulas.

Anti-Aging Formula™ is a branded product belonging to Digital Global Network, LLC.

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