Second Article

Short description ; This is my second article. This module displays a menu containing the an archive of the blog (months in which you wrote aritcles). On the module page you will be able to set the date parameter of the archive (date added, date modified or date published), you will be able to set names for months of the year, for each of the installed languages.And also you can set if the blog archive will refresh each time you add or edit an article. If set to no, the archive will only rebuild when you edit and save this module.

Anti-Aging Formula - About Us

Anti-Aging Formula™ focuses on the supplying of Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs, Minerals, Hormones Therapy, and other high quality nutritional and dietary products associated to extending people’s lifespan and reducing or diminishing the effect of aging. We target on the improvement of health by maintaining quality levels of nutrition and physical fitness while seeking body and mind regeneration.

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